Last month my wife, dog, and I picked up and moved ourselves from Boston, Massachusetts, USA to Budapest, Hungary.  My employer, LogMeIn, offered us the opportunity to live abroad so that I could bring my skills as an Agile Coach (specifically a “Coach of Coaches”, but more on that later) to our office here.  As with anything in life, a decision like this is always hard – for example, my wife has had to temporarily give up doing work she loves – but we decided that having the chance to live in Europe, experience an entirely new culture, and explore a new continent was worth it.  So here we are for at least the next year (and maybe more).

In addition to all of the family, personal, and geographical changes, my role at work is evolving.  As part of this international assignment I’ve been asked to help improve our knowledge and adoption of Agile and Lean practices across the company as our “Coach of Coaches” (better name pending).  Since LogMeIn’s engineering hub is here in Budapest, we thought it made sense to be based here.

This gig was offered to me after I helped lead the adoption of Agile and Lean Project, Product, and Engineering practices over the last year and a half on one of the company’s newest products – Xively.  I’ll share more about that in a different post, but long story short it looks like they were happy with the results!

So here we are beginning an exciting (and if you’re like me and hate change, terrifying) new journey.  I am so grateful to have an opportunity to do something like this.  I hope you’ll follow along as I share my experiences, thoughts, and ideas here in this blog.

And So The Journey Begins…

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